Hey there!

My name is Jess. I’m a student at the University of Surrey in the UK currently studying Veterinary Medicine. Yep – that means one day I’ll be the vet you may bring your cat or dog too. I’m hoping that I’ll be working with more larger and wilder animals. No offence to Mittens or Jack. I’m sure they’re lovely.

I moved to the UK from South Africa when I was 8 years old. We kept going back and continue to do so as I still have family members that live there. It would be a DREAM to go back and work on a game reserve if I could and get to know the country where I was born. I’ve had ups and downs before and since moving with my mental health, which is the constant in my life. I’m grateful for it and sometimes less so.

Other than studying to be a vet, I also studied Pharmacology for a year at King’s College, London, before Corona decided to cut it short. It was a great opportunity to live and study in the middle of London and was a massive adjustment for me to live away from home for bit.

My other passions include singing and songwriting. It began when I started lessons with my friend, Emma, and then she said that I could sing. And well the rest is history! I’m hoping (fingers crossed) to release some more things along with the tracks on SoundCloud. Maybe I’ll venture out and do some gigs? Who knows…

I love to travel. Yes, that’s what a lot of people say. But I’m gonna add my name to the list of people that write about their travels. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a number of different places; Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Italy, Greece, New York, Laguna Beach, Australia… and there are so many places I wish to visit! I’ll also document how I some of the ways that I travelled could be improved on in terms of sustainability and hopefully, show you how I implement those different ways in my future travels.

ANYWAY. I basically write about my life as a vet student at the moment. I hope you enjoy!